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Streamlined Event Management

Streamlined Event Management

Easily create, manage, and host your events on Attendee.com and the Attendee mobile app.
Streamlined Event Management

A powerful event ecosystem
that doesn't break the bank

Watch how you can make a world-class event in under 90 seconds with the powerful Attendee.com platform!
Attendee is the only one-stop shop that empowers you to streamline everything before, during and after your events.
Use your profile to notify you of exciting events happening in your area all at the touch of a computer or mobile device.
Analyze key figures, such as total earnings, total users, active ad campaigns and connections to track your event’s success.
By using Attendee’s messaging, itineraries, push notifications, event feeds, polling and more, you have the power to create captivating events like never before.
Attendee allows you to utilize ticketing, donations, analytics, user feedback and more at an all-inclusive, value price.
Analyze key figures, such as total earnings, total users, active ad campaigns and connections to track your event’s success.

Create an Engaging Event in Under 90 Seconds


Enter Event Details and Ticket Info

Instantly add the basics: Event Name, Photo, Venue, Description, Date & Time, Tickets and more!

Add Polling, Itinerary, Donations, Speaker Bios

Keep your event’s attendees in the know by instantly posting and updating live polls, itinerary specifics and speaker info.

Schedule Push Notifications and go Live

Send scheduled or live push notifications to your guests to alert them of just about anything before, during and after the event.

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Attendee is your strategic partner for events anytime, anywhere!

  • Create Free Events
  • Speakers
  • Polling

Attendee helps you to monetize metrics and crush your ROI like never before!

* Plan Includes All Free Service

  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Attendees
  • Unlimited Tickets
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Fully Customize The Event Experience for your following.

* Plan Includes All Premium Service

  • Custom Branded Colors
  • Logo On Event Details
  • Link to PDF's and Content

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