Fans weren’t just lining up to see Tiger Woods tee-off at The Northern Trust PGA Tournament; they also gathered around the tent that was hosting the 4-day long Fortnite Tournament. Close to 400 people signed up and played in the first ever Fortnite tournament hosted at a PGA event. From six years old to twenty-six years old, players spotted the tent bearing the “Fortnite” name from across the green. Every so often, a young Fortnite player came running across the course, parents in tow, and headed straight to one of the twenty X-Box Live consoles. Now that’s dedication.

The X Fortnite tent stood out with original Fortnite T-shirts and Fortnite posters on display. The T-shirts were a hit among both players and their parents. Parents of Fortnite connoisseurs that decided to stay home (too bad for them..) snapped pictures of the shirts and the setup to text to their kids back home. That’s a winning tactic to get your child to a golf tournament if we ever heard one. For the Fortnite players that did attend The Northern Trust, they were able to win a shirt if they got a Victory Royal in one of their games.

To not completely overshadow the golf that was being played, the Fortnite tournament was scored similarly to how golf is scored. The more negative a number, or more “under par” a player was, the better their placement on the leaderboard. In order to get a negative number, each kill the player got was negative three points (spoiler alert: stay alive!).

Pressure was high and emotions ran wild as players were in the midst of their solo games. Some entrants were so focused on their games that they didn’t even notice the group of observers huddled around anticipating the entrant’s next move. They were zeroed in and focussed on winning those V-Bucks! The top ten players on the leaderboard received 1,000 V-Bucks and the top daily winners from each of the four days received 10,000 V-Bucks.

Here’s a hot tip to all the parents out there; a Fortnite competition tent is a great place to drop off your kid for an hour to give you the freedom to catch Bryson DeChambeau’s winning putt.

By: Amanda Beck