The Best Eats From North Coast Festival 2018

Food just tastes better in the summer. Especially when it’s served up with great music. And at North Coast Music Festival, Attendees are getting their fill of good eats all weekend long.


With a hot mix of the friendliest folks on earth at booths and in food trucks ready to take your order, Summer’s Last Stand boasts food just as eclectic as the music. Think old-school meets hipster. A taste for everyone to savor.


The iconic Billy Goat Tavern, family owned since 1934 and a staple on every local festival food lot can’t be missed. Owners Bill, Tom and Paul are serving up their world-known cheeseburgers (cheezborgers!). And they’ve got fries on the menu (that’s for those the older set of Attendees that remember from SNL it was only chips).


Who could resist Bacci’s Jumbo Slice pizza? Another Chicago original. Perfect for sharing (or not). Plus mouth-watering Harold’s Chicken, always made fresh to order like it’s been for more than 60 years. And out-of-this-world Cheesie’s grilled cheese creations satisfy our kid-food cravings.  


Chicago proudly claims the LA/Las Vegas hot spot Pink Taco as one of its own. The Pink Taco food truck is here with its promise to “keep it real and uncomplicated.” Promise kept. And so much more.


Fulfilling our dreams for more Mexican food, always, another Chicago fan favorite, Taco in a Bag  is—as they say—“saving the world from boring food. The crew from the Lincoln Square restaurant says The Morrisey is a star at North Coast—a fantasy walking taco dripping with four cheese sauce, pepper jack, verde sour cream, romaine on crispy chips. We’re saved.


And then there’s Island Noodles—sizzling hot with Attendees lined up all weekend long to get their Hawaiian-style vegan noodle fix. The wok’s working overtime, cooking up the freshest veggies tossed in a secret garlic and ginger sauce made from scratch on-site. Adding teriyaki chicken is an option. Either way, it all comes packaged in a nifty compostable container that sized right for walking North Coast while eating.


It goes without saying. No music festival, or even summer quite frankly, would be complete without hot dogs. Attendees can take their pick from a great variety of offerings. Our favorites? Jumbo dogs from the Kate & Jan food truck and music festival staple Corndog Inc. makes fun food on a stick.


There’s a lot of great music to dance to. Good thing North Coast’s got plenty of great fuel.

Tell us about your favorite eats

By: Cathy DeRonne

Photos: @clarkstcollective