North Coast Day 3 - Celebrating the Electrifying Finale of Summer's Last Stand

Clear skies gave way to an equally stunning summer night where the only thing lighting the sky was sheer joy from Attendees celebrating the finale of this Summer’s Last Stand.

North Coast Music Festival organizers invited Friday and Saturday single ticket holders to return Sunday after lightning in the area shut down Union Park before the headliners could take the stage. Invitation accepted. On Day 3, Attendees returned in droves and stayed to witness music history with Jamiroquai’s triumphant return to Chicago. Fresh off its dazzling debut at Coachella in its first U.S. tour since 2005, the British funk-pop band with frontman Jay Kay sparked one epic dance party to cap the weekend.

Throughout Day 3, North Coast was gleaming.

With style as diverse as the crowd, North Coast fashion remained a bright spot with a constant parade of summer streetwear made for dancing adorned with glitter, neon and jewels.

Who could forget the mouth-watering food igniting our taste buds. Chicago icons Billy Goat Tavern and Harold’s Chicken mixing it up with music festival must-haves Hawaiian-style Island Noodles and Corndog Inc.’s fun food on a stick. North Coast rocked it with a menu of offerings for everyone to savor.

Festival grounds took the harsh weather hits like a champ. And the playful sculptures, mystical geodesic Teardrop and colorful graffiti art braved the elements and continued to bloom.

And then there was the music. More electrifying than ever.

Female artists (in the otherwise male-dominated line-up) took the spotlight on Day 3. Marking the launch of her self-titled album, producer DJ Maddy O’Neal served up her rock n’ roll family roots with a side of old–school hip-hop to stir the crowd. Hip-hop megaforce Rapsody inspired fans and won over new ones with her commanding, inspiring rhymes. Backed by her equally brilliant band the Stormtroopers with super producer 9th Wonder playing DJ, the Grammy nominee urged artists in the crowd to never give up on their dreams, leaving us basking in the kind of glow that only a superstar can create.

Chicago’s very own Kami lit up Day 3 with his powerful wordplay and cool style. He treated the crowd to a preview of his sophomore album Very Slight, and a surprise guest appearance from his other Leather Corduroy half, Joey Purp, who joined Kami to perform Reboot, their just unveiled collaboration with Chance the Rapper.

With a line-up hotter than the temperatures—including notable performances by Nashville’s Yellow Claw and electronic producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa—this was a send-off to summer we’ll never forget. And we can’t wait to do it again next year.

By: Cathy DeRonne


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