An Inside Look At The Lounges At North Coast Festival

Music festivals call for walking miles a day and standing in the sun. There was no question about that this past weekend, from hot performers to hot weather, North Coast was literally on fire.  Partnering with Monaco Cocktail, Johnnie Walker and non-alcoholic beverage vendors, multiple luxe drink lounges were set up around the North Coast Festival grounds.

Monaco Cocktail drew festival goers (aged 21 and over, of course) by offering them free samples of their pre-mixed cocktails at their comfortable lounge filled with shade and large couches to cool off. The tropical oasis-like setting fit in perfectly with their Vodka flavors like Mango Peach, Citrus Rush and Tequila Lime Crush. Don’t be fooled as these cocktails may taste like your average fizzy drink, but each cocktail can holds two shots of alcohol.   

The tall, green hedges boasting the Monaco name in red offered guests extra shade and the perfect backdrop for the right instagram picture (#DrinkMonaco).

Alongside Monaco, the Johnnie Walker lounge had a similar feel — escape the heat and have a drink. Equipped with white brick walls and a neon sign reading “Weekends Are For Whisky” this lounge surely brought in the crowds.

The lounge was offering free Johnnie Walker and Soda drinks to the 21 and over coasties all weekend. Making it one of the busiest vendors at North Coast.  People were able to sit, sip and watch their favorite artists perform on the main stage.  Artists such as, Ric Wilson, The Midnight, Jamiroquai, and Moon Taxi.

As for those who don’t indulge in alcohol, Brew Dr. Kombucha was set up to save the day.  The tent gave people a sense of relaxation and holistic vibes this past weekend as they shared samples of their product. Their new release, kombucha in a can, was front and center giving ‘bucha-lovers’ a chance to try refreshing flavors such as Mint Lemonade, Ginger Tumeric, Clear Mind (rosemary, mint, sage and green tea), and LOVE (Jasmine and lavender).  Dr. Brew is 100% organic and deliciously refreshing.

Whichever way the music lovers at North Coast chose to refuel, each tent gave coasties the ultimate experience of leisure and comfort while enjoying the love of music.

By: Amanda Beck

Photos: @ClarkstCollective