North Coast Fashion Meets Hydration: gets personal with Elevated Lyfe

Two essentials for an enjoyable North Coast Music Festival weekend? Colorful head-to-toe fashion and plenty of water. Staying hydrated in the sweltering (and often unpredictable) temperatures at Summer’s Last Stand is a must. And thanks to the folks at Elevated Lyfe, drinking water can be fashionable, too. We might go so far as to say Elevated Lyfe makes the most colorful hydration packs on earth. They caught our eye on display at the Elevated Lyfe booth near the stage, so we stopped to meet Elevated Lyfe Ambassadors Kimber, Hailey and Beau to find out more.

These designs are so cool! How did you decide to create fashionable hydration packs?

Our founder, Dan, is in the music industry and passionate about every concert-going experience. When he was at a music festival six years ago, he noticed everyone had colorful clothing and fun accessories—except for their hydration packs. The most essential music festival accessory just looked dull. So he decided to change the game by creating hydration packs with cool designs. And Elevated Lyfe was born!

What’s behind the name, Elevated Lyfe?

Water is the key to life. And the goal of Elevated Lyfe is to create products that improve your life and the lives of others. Sure, our hydration packs are fashionable. But what we really care about is giving everyone access to safe, clean drinking water. With each sale of our hydration packs, we donate a percentage to clean water relief.

Are your hydration packs just for music festivals?

Our hydration packs go with you anywhere. Traveling, hiking, on the slopes, working out. Elevated Lyfe packs not only look cool, they’ve got high grade mouth pieces for great suction and a protective cap with an on/off switch so nothing gets dirty or leaks.

Can I buy a pack and use it now?

Absolutely! That’s why we’re here at North Coast. We’ll get your pack ready to use—adjust the shoulder straps to your liking, whether you want a loose or snug fit. And we’ll get the bladder and mouth piece set for drinking. Then we’ll direct you to the free water stations. There’s one just around the corner from us east of the stage, and another behind the baseball diamond backstop closest to Main Gate.

You’ve got so many options, how do I choose?

We designed our hydration packs to fit all shapes, sizes and styles. So go with the design you fall in love with and we’ll get you set up. And to complete your look, we’ve got coordinating rave masks. Ours come with our favorite suggestions on how to wear them as headwraps, bracelets, necklaces and more. Because we want you to feel good about staying hydrated!

By: Cathy DeRonne

Photos: @Clarkstcollective