Gaming industry charity has one rule: Play Games, Feel Better

Like any competitive sports, the gaming industry has its heroes. And the founders of the game industry charity Child’s Play are at the top of heap.

In 2003, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of the online comic strip Penny Arcade, responded the media’s negative portrayal of gamers by calling for the gaming community to donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital during the holiday season. The response was overwhelming. Within weeks, Krahulik and Holkins had a garage full of toys, games, and gifts to brighten the holidays for many sick kids.

Since then, Child’s Play has raised tens of millions of dollars in the gaming community and led hundreds of community fundraisers, while remaining dedicated to improving the lives of countless children with toys and games at hospitals, therapy centers and domestic violence shelters.

The Child’s Play team was present at the Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas, where industry experts learned even more about the work it does to drive positivity across the esports community and around the world.


“For the children who are in hospitals, games are one of the only ways to escape. Games help them forget, even if for a moment, that they are sick and stuck in a hospital. Games provide a distraction when blood needs to be drawn, or when various other procedures need to be been performed. Games, in this environment, are a tool to aid the Child Life staff in helping the children feel more comfortable, to feel better. `Play Games, Feel Better.’ Who knew such a simple statement could mean so much to so many.”

By: Cathy DeRonne

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