Drake Takes His Part-Time Hobby to Full-Time Esports Co-Ownership

There’s no shortage of collaboration in the booming world of Esports. Companies inside the near billion dollar industry are receiving offers and talking deals with all the outsiders; from investment banks, traditional sports teams, and now– entertainment titans. Drake, the Grammy award winning rapper, along with music talent manager Scooter Braun, are new co-owners of Esports brand 100 Thieves. Hundred Thieves has been listed as one of the fastest growing Esports brands in America, having raised over $25 million in Series A funding.

Drake and Braun join as “strategic advisors” to the brand alongside founder and co-owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and co-owner Dan Gilbert, chairman of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Haag, an industry expert having spent ten years in the growing esports ecosystem, is looking forward to seeing where the brand can grow with Drake and Braun– past just winning world championships. “We’re going to build a lasting brand on the back of the content and apparel that our fans have come to love, aggressively expand into more games, scale our apparel business, and build a world-class management team,” Haag said.

Growing an apparel business as a part of your brand? Drake can definitely help with that. Building a world-class management team? Scooter Braun has devoted his career to making sure his talent gets to the top, and stays there. The ever-stylish rapper has garnered success outside of his music career with his apparel brand OVO (which is forecasted to soon hit $50 million in sales). Hundred Thieves and Drake both pride themselves on creating an authentic brand with coveted streetwear for their fans in each of their respective industries.

There’s been some pushback within the Esports world of “outsiders” joining in just to profit on the industry. Loyal gamers are worried investors do not have the industry’s best interest in mind, and not knowing the true ins-and-outs of gaming. But, Drake’s apparent sudden interest and investment into the Esports industry isn’t actually so sudden at all. Aside from being an avid Fortnite player, Drake teamed up with 100 Thieves to create traveling custom gaming stations for his North American Scorpion tour.

Could there be an OVO X 100 Thieves collaboration clothing collection in our future? Only time can tell. But, one thing is for sure, the Esports world is quickly becoming a mainstream cultural phenomenon with the help of increasing involvement and investments from music industry icons to traditional sports teams and their owners. These partnerships are taking Esports to the level of entertainment, all-access experiences, and brand awareness and engagement that music and traditional sports have dominated for decades. There’s no harm in teaming up when the outcome is beneficial for all the players.