Ten Epic Gifts To Give Your Gamer This Holiday Season

1. For The Gamer On Trend — Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 sent waves of excitement through the gaming world when it released in October. With its wild, wild west theme and intense stunning graphics, it’s no shock that the game is number one on the sales charts for the second month in a row. Get your gamer Red Dead 2 for Xbox or PlayStation below.

Buy Red Dead 2- PlayStationBuy Red Dead 2- Xbox

2. For The Gamer That Is Audio Obsessed — HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset

HyperX is known for having high-quality wired headsets and other gaming products that a gamer can depend on and the Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset won’t disappoint. This wireless headset has a long-lasting battery life, a removable microphone and a comfortable, lightweight feel for those long hours playing.

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3. For The Gamer That Needs An Upgrade — Xbox One Fortnite Bundle

2018 was the year of Fortnite. Everyone was, and still is, playing this game, including famous rappers and celebrities. Gift your gamer this Xbox One Fortnite bundle and help them get in on the action with a new gaming system. Note: this bundle also comes with 2,000 V-bucks — the in-game currency for Fortnite.

Buy Xbox One Fortnite Bundle

4. For The Gamer That Loves The Classics — PlayStation Classic Console

Help your gamer go back in time with the PlayStation Classic. This miniature version of the original PlayStation comes equipped with 20 of PlayStation’s most loved games pre-downloaded on the console. The Classic comes with two wired controllers and a virtual memory card to keep your place.

Buy PlayStation Classic

5. For The Gamer Whose Subscriptions Are Running Out — Xbox Live Gold Or PlayStation Plus Membership

Any gamer would be thrilled to receive a subscription to Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. These subscriptions allow the gamer to play online multiplayer games with friends, get exclusive discounts and deals and download free or discounted games each month.

Buy Xbox Live Gold SubscriptionBuy PlayStation Plus Subscription

6. For The Gamer That Needs More Grip — Kontrol Freek Thumb Stick Addon Alpha 

This Kontrol Freek product is for all the gamers out there that complain about their thumbs slipping off the controller during an intense round of Fortnite Battle Royal. The Alpha attaches to the thumbsticks of the PS4 or Xbox controller and has a wider thumb surface and better grip with added, durable rubber.

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7. For The High-Tech Gamer — Alienware M15 Laptop

Not only does the new laptop from Alienware have the latest high-processing technology and long-lasting battery life, but it is also the thinnest and lightest gaming laptop on the market. Whether your gamer is moving from place to place around a college campus, or wants to move from a table and relax on a couch away from an outlet, the Alienware M15 can go wherever the gamer goes.

Buy Alienware M15 Laptop

8. For The Gamer That Needs A Durable Keyboard — HyperX Alloy Core Gaming Keyboard

This sleek, smooth and brilliant keyboard from HyperX features their signature multi-color light bar and three different brightness displays. The keyboard was built with durability and reliability in mind — it’s spill proof, and has quiet keys, quick-access buttons and a keyboard lock function.

Buy HyperX Alloy Core Keyboard

9. For The Stylish Streamer — Twitch Merchandise

The popular and favorite streaming service among gamers, Twitch, has curated their own merchandise boutique on Amazon. Give your gamer a comfortable T-shirt or a cozy hoodie so they can rep their Twitch pride.

Buy Offical Twitch SweatshirtBuy Official Twitch T-Shirt

10. For The Gamer On The Go — Moga Hero Power

Know a mobile gamer that can never stop playing? Help them get the most of their mobile gaming experience with the Moga Hero Power controller. Not only does this controller have a slim design with portability in mind, but it also charges the gamer’s phone!

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