Esports and music history was made Saturday, February 2, when Fortnite and Marshmello teamed up for a live, 10-minute, in-game concert that drew an estimated 10 million players, according to The Game Awards creator, Geoff KeighleyFortnite players put down their weapons and got down on the dance floor to groove to Marshmello’s top hits and remixes and a spectacularly mind-blowing light show. If you missed the live jam, catch the replay on YouTube or the playlist on iTunes.

Image: TrendsViral.Today

While there was pushback on Twitter whether this event actually was, as Marshmello claimed, the first-ever virtual concert, there is no doubt esports and music make great dance partners. Riley McLeod, managing editor of the gamer’s guide, Kotaku, gave high praise to the Fortnite concert — “it was actually pretty great” — and noted the strong sense of community where “so many people of all ages and gaming skills could share in the moment.” “Forbes” game columnist David Thier called it “a triumph on a level that’s burning a hole in my brain here an hour or so later.”

As observed last Novemberthe worlds of esports, music and professional sports are rapidly converging. We can look forward to more partnerships like Post Malone and HyperXmore gamers at professional sports events like the Chicago Wolves Esports Nightand more attendance records being broken at events like the Fortnite Party at Pleasant Park. Stay tuned to for more exciting esports event news in February.