Every Friday, Attendee.com takes a look at some of the week’s best new albums from across the musical spectrum. Whether you need some tunes to unwind with after work or a hot track to play at a party….we’ve got you covered.

Mykele Deville – Maintain

The Chicago MC, poet and activist released his label debut after a slew of intricate and thoughtful mixtapes and self-published LP’s. Maintain follows the recent hip-hop trend of short and sweet albums by clocking in at just over twenty-five minutes. However, Deville manages to pack a variety of his signature genre mixing flourishes. Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate R&B chorus, merous rap structures or cathartic soul; Maintain can cover all the bases.

Julia Jacklin – Crushing

Julia Jacklin comes up from Down Under Sydney more specifically to deliver a strong contender for 2019’s road trip record of the year. Jacklin, now signed to Champaign, IL based Polyvinyl, joins her peers and label mates (Alvvays, Jay Som, Hazel English) in sewing the fabrics of folk, rock and country into coherent theses about love, loss, and femininity. Crushing, despite its melancholy demeanor, has rays of light that can help melt off the frost of winter.




Swervvvv.5 is a good example of why  IAMDDB served as the opening act for Lauryn Hill’s most recent European tour. The UK songstress and rapper’s style is clearly informed by a Miseducation in the art of blending sultry croons with veracious flows. For every jazz and funk exploration on Swervvvv.5 (the fifth and final volume of her mixtape series) there is a corresponding trap tainted bout of modern rap. It is this balance of sweet and salty that makes IAMDDB such a hip-hop femme fatale.   

Bonobo- fabric presents Bonobo (DJ Mix)

Less of an album and more of a digital DJ set, eclectic house producer Bonobo dropped a heady mix of what we would assumeare some of his favorite producers. fabric hits all the right chords with its variety of orchestral build ups, churning club basslines and thundering jazz samples. Highlights include a mix of DJ Seinfeld’s distorted mall music, a grimy redesign of a Baraka’s track and two new Bonobo tracks. 

CFCF- Liquid Colours

CFCF’s latest LP drops today and promises to be one of the most existential and immersersive ambient records dropped in the early months of 2019. The record’s lead single “Closed Spaces” is an amalgamation of croaking synths, 80’s style synth waves and haunting echoes. Jazz, ornament and breakbeat style percussion tango throughout each composition. Ambient music is often considered a very spacey genre, but CFCF is so engaging due to composer Mike Silver’s constant need to explore and evolve the sounds popping in and out of the mix.  


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib- Bandana

Hip-hop fans no longer need to hold their breath. MadGibbs is officially set to return with a sequel to the seminal Piñata. Freddie Gibbs made allusions to the album in a vague and clue-filled Instagram post, but the release of the single “Flat Tummy Tea” makes the newest collaboration of this dynamic duo official. Be ready because Bandana is coming to a speaker near you.   

Carly Rae Jepsen- TBA

In span of almost a decade and three albums, Carly Rae Jepsen went from proto-meme to guiltless pleasure. Jepsen’s EMOTIONS, released in 2015, distanced herself from her Radio Disney background. Fast forward to today and CRJ now has one of the most anticipated pop albums of the year. This past week saw the Canada’s Modern Madonna dropped the singles “Now That I Found You” and “No Drug Like Me”. Both are absolute sugary doses of pop heroin that make you completely forget that this is the “Call Me Maybe” girl.

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