This year at the Honda Classic, hundreds of young golf fans and their families not only saw their favorite golfing legends in action, they also met their favorite esports heroes.

The Esports Zone hosted Misfits Gaming’s top Fortnite pros Sceptic and SurfnBoy on Saturday, March 2, for fun-filled, inclusive esports gameplay at the home of the Honda Classic, the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Sceptic and Surfnboy engaged with gamers of all ages and skill levels, offering expert tips, signing autographs and posing for photos. Misfits Gaming is a Miami-based international esports organization, known for their professional League of Legends and Overwatch teams, and for their affiliation with the NBA’s Miami Heat.

The two young eports pros — Sceptic is just 14 years old, and Surfn is 20 — enjoyed interacting with fans. “It’s exciting to be here, talking to kids who are really interested in becoming better players,” Surfnboy said.

Sceptic advised young players who want to improve their skills to “be determined, stay focused and if you put your mind to it, you can do it.” Surfnboy added that “my advice to just start playing, focus on yourself and your skills before focusing on where you’re going. A lot of kids worry about streaming, getting big, before they worry about getting started.”

Both players quickly rose to the top of Fortnite competition. Sceptic began gaming just over a year ago when a friend introduced him to Fortnite. The game was a natural fit and he competed at a high level right from the start. Surfnboy, on the other hand, made his first foray into gaming a couple years ago with the Clash of Clans game. He practiced for up to eight hours a day to improve his skills and became the best player at his school. After moving over to Fortnite and mastering the game, things happened quickly and he turned pro.

Sceptic and Surfnboy look forward to competing at increasingly higher levels. “There’s really no limits to where we can go in esports,” Sceptic said. Surfnboy agrees, “with a traditional sport like football, if you want to get the top, you aim for the NFL and that’s it. But with esports the possibilities to move up are limitless.”

While you won’t typically catch these two young pros competiting against each other because they play on different platforms — Sceptic plays PC, while Surfnboy plays mobile, you can get to know them better by visiting and